Bridges Digital Congress on Infectious Diseases and Vaccines

Speakers’ biographies

Day 1 February 21st


Prof. dr. Marjolein van Egmond

Marjolein van Egmond is professor in Oncology and Inflammation at Amsterdam UMC. Throughout her career she has been fascinated by the role of antibodies in immunity and the activation of immune cells via antibody receptors (Fc receptors). Due to a dual appointment at a research- and clinical department, she is in an excellent position to translate experimental findings into clinical applications. Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis she has actively been involved in explaining the immune system and COVID-19 vaccines to the Dutch general public

Day 2 February 22nd


Dr. Mark Claassen

Mark Claassen is an internist-infectious diseases specialist at Hospital Rijnstate Arnhem. His clinical work focusses on patients suffering from hepatitis B, C, and HIV infections. He is a member the Dutch HBV- and HCVrichtsnoer (guidance) steering committees. His main research interest is in translational (immunological) infectious diseases studies.

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