Where to refer

Where to refer

PH Centers in Belgium

In Belgium and Luxembourg, there are several expert & competence centers which specialize in the treatment of pulmonary hypertension. Here you can find all practical information about them, so you can refer your patients with suspected PAH there for a right heart catheterization to confirm the diagnosis. Remember, early referral and diagnosis are key for the prognosis of PAH patients.[1]

PH Centers in Belgium

ERN Accredited PH Centers

Location image UZ Leuven

Prof. dr. Marion Delcroix - Prof. dr. Catharina Belge

Contact secretariaat pulmonale hypertensie: 016/34 68 33 of phinfo@uzleuven.be

Location image HUB Erasme Bruxelles

Clinique des maladies vasculaires pulmonaires et de l’insuffisance cardiaque Département de cardiologie
Pr. Jean-Luc Vachiéry, Pr. Céline Dewachter

Secrétariat: 02/555 59 53 (RV), 02/555 48 66 (administration), 02/555 36 35 (PH nurses)

PH Centers in Flanders

Location image AZ Groeninge Kortrijk (PH satellietcentrum UZ Leuven)

Dr. Mathias Leys

E-mail: mathias.leys@azgroeninge.be

Contact secretariaat pneumologie: 056/63 33 40

Location image UZ Antwerpen

Prof. dr. Steven Haine

Contact verpleegkundige pulmonale

hypertensie: 03/821 4577

Location image UZ Brussel

Prof. dr. Marc Meysman

Contact secretariaat pneumologie: 02/477 68 41

PH bij kinderen: Prof. dr. Daniël De Wolf

Contact secretariaat kindercardiologie: 02/801 25 05

E-mail: daniel.dewolf@uzbrussel.be

contact consultatie: 02/477 60 61

PH Centers in Wallonia

Location image CHR Citadelle Liège

Dr. Thierry Weber, pneumologue

Secrétariat: 04/321 70 47

Location image CHU Liège

Pr. Julien Guiot, pneumologue

E-mail : j.guiot@chuliege.be

Tél : 04/284 49 01

Secrétariat: 04/366 74 66

Location image CHU UCL Mont-Godinne

Pr. Fabian Demeure, cardiologue,

Pr. Patrick Evrard, médecin interniste,

Pr. Laurence Gabriel, cardiologue

Tél : 081/42 36 27

Secrétariat : 081/42 36 01

E-mail : fabian.demeure@uclouvain.be

Location image Cliniques Universitaires St Luc Bruxelles

Cardiologues adultes: Pr. Anne-Catherine Pouleur et Pr. Agnès Pasquet

Tél : 02/764 28 12

E-mail : anne-catherine.pouleur@uclouvain.be et agnès.pasquet@uclouvain.be

Cardiologue (enfants): Dr. Karlien Carbonez karlien.carbonez@saintluc.uclouvain.be

Tel: 02 764 13 80

Location image CH Luxembourg

Dr. Gil Wirtz, pneumologue

Tél : +352 4411-6199

E-mail : sec.pneumo@chl.lu

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